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SERIOLA 3120 HEAT TRANSFER FLUID Synthetic alkyl benzene heat transfer fluid APPLICATIONS · Heating of domestic and industrial premises · Production of steam and hot water · Heating by heat exchange · Recommended for all types of closed heat transfer systems ( piping, pumps, etc, … ) · Heating of heat treatment baths, autoclaves, reaction vessels, furnaces, dies tunnel driers, injection moulding machines, etc, .. · Manufacturing processes ( cement works, paper mills, timber industry, etc… ) · Operational temperature limits from -10° C to + 315° C PROPERTIES Very long life cycle with good resistance to thermal cracking and oxidation Very good solubilization of the oxidation products Excellent thermal stability even at high temperatures Low pour point, easy to start up in winters and very cold temperature Miscible & compatible with all portions of mineral oils Very high auto-ignition point